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University California Davis 11.14.17University Research

Supercomputer Simulates Dynamic Magnetic Fields of Jupiter, Earth, SunExternal link

As the Juno space probe approached Jupiter in June last year, researchers with the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics’ Dynamo Working Group which is headquartered at UC Davis, were starting to run simulations of the giant planet’s magnetic field on one of the world’s fastest computers. While the timing was coincidental, the supercomputer modeling should help scientists interpret the data from Juno, and vice versa. Read More »

Lee_UVA_Thiyaga_201711.13.17Science Highlight

Twisting Molecule Wrings More Power from Solar Cells

Readily rotating molecules let electrons last, resulting in higher solar cell efficiency. Read More »

 Shifts in Biomass and Productivity11.13.17Science Highlight

The Effect of Hurricanes on Puerto Rico’s Dry Forests

More frequent storms turn forests from carbon source to sink. Read More »

Monoterpene ‘Themometer’ of Tropical Forest11.13.17Science Highlight

A Chemical Thermometer for Tropical Forests

Monoterpene measures how certain forests respond to heat stress. Read More »

Long term decomposition11.13.17Science Highlight

Where a Leaf Lands and Lies Influences Carbon Levels in Soil for Years to Come

Whether carbon comes from leaves or needles affects how fast it decomposes, but where it ends up determines how long it’s available. Read More »

11.13.17User Facility

Fuel Cell X-Ray Study Details Effects of Temperature and Moisture on PerformanceExternal link

To find the right balance of moisture and temperature in a specialized type of hydrogen fuel cell, Berkeley Lab scientists have used X-rays to explore the inner workings of its components at tiny scales. Read More »

11.13.17From the Labs

“Perfectly Frustrated” Metal Provides Possible Path to Superconductivity, Other New Quantum StatesExternal link

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory has discovered and described the existence of a unique disordered electron spin state in a metal that may provide a unique pathway to finding and studying frustrated magnets. Read More »

University California Berkeley 11.13.17University Research

Puzzling New Supernova May Be From Star Producing AntimatterExternal link

An exploding star that continued to shine for nearly two years — unlike most supernovae, which fade after a few weeks — is puzzling astronomers and leading theorists, including UC Berkeley astrophysicist Daniel Kasen, to suggest that the event may be an example of a star so hot that it produces antimatter in its core. Read More »

University California Riverside 11.13.17University Research

Research is Making Plant Waste a Viable Option in Ethanol ProductionExternal link

UC Riverside researchers have developed a streamlined process that could finally make the ethanol production cost from abundant “second generation” plant wastes competitive with “first generation” ethanol made from sugars. Read More »


Ho Nyung Lee: Delivering Exceptional Science Through Dedication and PerseveranceExternal link

Lee is the leader of the Thin Films and Nanostructures Group at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and ORNL manager of the DOE-BES Materials Science and Engineering Program. Read More »

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