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Scientist on a boat12.28.09Article

Scientists Launch the Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea

Unlocking the diversity of microbial communities may benefit biofuel production, global carbon storage, and bioremediation.

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Image of stars in the night sky12.16.09Article

The Death of a Massive Star Holds Key to Early Universe

Scientists found the remains of a massive star, providing them with new information to reassess the environment of the early Universe.

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Scientist with equipment11.23.09Article

Scientists Find Ocean 'Dead' Zones Teeming with Life

Scientists find microorganisms thrive in hostile environments where oxygen is rare.

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Students competing in the Science Bowl with Michelle Obama and Dr. Chu in the background11.10.09Article

The 20th Annual National Science Bowl Competition Winds into Action

Students from Across the Country Prepare for Regional Science Competitions

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Scientist in the lab10.28.09Article

DOE National Laboratories Train the Scientist of Tomorrow

Science Internships Provide Young Scientists Opportunities to Conduct Research at National Laboratories Read More »

Telescopic image of the sky10.14.09Article

Scientists Look to the Clouds to Solve Complex Questions

Cloud Computing May Offer More Efficient and Economical Opportunities to Address Complex Scientific Questions

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