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The Ames plasma torch 06.17.11Article

Critical Materials and Rare Futures

Ames Laboratory signs a new agreement on rare-earth research.
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50 Breakthroughs by America's National Labs 06.16.11From the Labs

50 Breakthroughs by America's National Labs.pdf file (3.3MB)

What has science done for you?
Check out 50 Breakthroughs from America's National Labs
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Illustration of a copper double helix 06.15.11From the Labs

Jaguar Reveals Parkinson's RootsExternal link

Researchers at North Carolina State University have harnessed the Jaguar supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to examine the a possible link between protein misfolding and Parkinson's disease.
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GE's new 06.13.11Article

GE Uses DOE Advanced Light Sources to Develop Revolutionary Battery Technology

Company is constructing a new battery factory in Upstate New York that is expected to create 300+ jobs.
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Side view from within cell membrane 06.08.11Article

Brookhaven Lab Captures E. coli's Sticky Fingers on Film

New snapshots of infectious microbe may show ways to slow future contagions.
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Actor Alan Alda 05.31.11Article

Radiance: Science and Stagecraft Come Together via Alan Alda and Marie Curie

The spotlight shines on the Emmy-winning actor's new play, and his lasting efforts in science communications.
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Illustration of 1s and 0s05.31.11Article

Superfast Search Engine Speeds Past the Competition

Software developed for analyzing physics data finds powerful commercial applications.
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A scientist in the lab 05.26.11Article

Tools for Discovery Offer Potential Hope for Huntington's

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have found new insights into a devastating disease.
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BOSS is extending the existing Sloan Digital Sky Survey map of the universe based on galaxies, center, into the realm of intergalactic gas in the distant universe, using the light from bright quasars (blue dots) 05.25.11Article

Bright Lights From Dark Places

Scientists at the Department of Energy's national labs are using black holes to illuminate the distant parts of the universe in detail.
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Two scientists working on Argonne's Advanced Photon Source05.25.11Article

Argonne: Discovery on a Mission

Argonne was originally founded on the discoveries of world-class scientists focused on a top-secret wartime mission. Today, there is no secrecy about the mission that inspires Argonne's exceptional researchers; they work each day to create new scientific knowledge that has the potential to advance our nation and change our world.
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