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A new theory suggests a shorter secondary inflationary period that could account for the amount of dark matter estimated to exist throughout the cosmos. 01.15.16From the Labs

New Theory of Secondary Inflation Expands Options for Avoiding an Excess of Dark MatterExternal link

Physicists suggest a smaller secondary inflationary period in the moments after the Big Bang could account for the abundance of the mysterious matter. Read MoreExternal linkage

For every gallon of biodiesel synthesized from soybean crops or other sources, more than a pound of waste consisting mostly of glycerol is created. Scientists are finding ways to convert that glycerol into something valuable. 01.07.16Article

Driving to Great: Science and the Journey to Waste-Free Biodiesel

Scientists overcome roadblocks to turning fuel's troubling waste into valued chemicals. Read More »

2016 PNNL Science as Art Calendar 01.04.16From the Labs

2016 Science as Art CalendarExternal link

A dozen stunning images depicting basic and applied research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are showcased in a 2016 Science as Art collection. Read MoreExternal linkage

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