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The new E3SM earth system model can simulate storms with surface winds faster than 150 miles per hour. 07.12.18Article

How to Fit a Planet Inside a Computer: Developing the Energy Exascale Earth System Model

DOE researchers have developed a new simulation to help us learn more about Earth’s present and future. Read More »

New research about the transfer of heat—fundamental to all materials—suggests that in thermal insulators, heat is conveyed by atomic vibrations and by random hopping of energy from atom to atom. 07.02.18User Facility

New Insights Bolster Einstein’s Idea About How Heat Moves Through SolidsExternal link

A discovery by scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory supports a century-old theory by Albert Einstein that explains how heat moves through everything from travel mugs to engine parts.
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A study using a powerful beam of electrons at SLAC has revealed new atomic details of the melting of gold, potentially benefitting the development of fusion power reactors, steel processing plants, spacecraft and other applications. 06.29.18From the Labs

Atomic Movie of Melting Gold Could Help Design Materials for Future Fusion ReactorsExternal link

SLAC’s high-speed ‘electron camera’ shows for the first time the coexistence of solid and liquid in laser-heated gold, providing new clues for designing materials that can withstand extreme conditions.
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NREL and BETCy scientists Dave Bobela and David Mulder talk about EPR and light-triggered processes at an open house showcasing the new capabilities. 06.29.18Announcement

DOE Awards $100 Million for Energy Frontier Research CentersExternal link

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announces $100 million in funding for 42 Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs) to accelerate the scientific breakthroughs needed to strengthen U.S. economic leadership and energy security.
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Summit supercomputer was named No. 1 on the TOP500 List. 06.26.18From the Labs

ORNL’s Summit Supercomputer Named World’s FastestExternal link

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is once again officially home to the fastest supercomputer in the world, according to the TOP500 List, a semiannual ranking of the world’s fastest computing systems.
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This picture shows three different images of a single patient with end-stage prostate cancer. 06.20.18Article

The Journey of Actinium-225: How Scientists Discovered a New Way to Produce a Rare Medical Radioisotope

Although research into promising cancer treatments using actinium-225 started with a rare and limited source, DOE scientists have found a new way to dramatically increase its supply. Read More »

This report is intended to highlight outstanding examples of major scientific accomplishments emerging from 40 years of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) research. 06.12.18Announcement

40 Years of Basic Energy Sciences at the Department of Energy.pdf file (2.8MB)

New report highlights outstanding examples of major scientific accomplishments emerging from 40 years of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) research.
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In these rows of sequenced images, produced using X-ray-based techniques, the first column shows the demagnetized state of a multilayer material containing gadolinium and cobalt; the second column shows the residual magnetism in the same samples after an external, positive magnetic field was applied and then removed; and the last column shows the samples when a negative magnetic field is applied. 06.11.18From the Labs

Non-Crystal Clarity: Scientists Find Ordered Magnetic Patterns in Disordered Magnetic MaterialExternal link

Study led by Berkeley Lab scientists relies on high-resolution microscopy techniques to confirm nanoscale magnetic features. Read MoreExternal linkage

Introducing Summit: America's newest and smartest supercomputer. 06.08.18From the Labs

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Launches America’s New Top Supercomputer for ScienceExternal link

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) unveils Summit as the world’s most powerful and smartest scientific supercomputer. Read MoreExternal linkage

The ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. 06.05.18User Facility

The Perfect Couple: Higgs and Top Quark Spotted TogetherExternal link

Two experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, announced a discovery that finally links the two heaviest known particles: the top quark and the Higgs boson. Read MoreExternal linkage

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