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BOSS is capturing accurate spectra for millions of astronomical objects by using 2,000 plug plates that are placed at the Sloan Foundation Telescope's focal plane. Each of the 1,000 holes drilled in a single plug plate captures the light from a specific galaxy, quasar, or other target, and conveys its light to a sensitive spectrograph through an optical fiber. The plates are marked to indicate which holes belong to which bundles of the thousand optical fibers that carry the object's light. 08.09.12From the Labs

Bright Skies and Deep SurveysExternal link

Led by Berkeley Lab scientists, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey's BOSS is bigger than all other spectroscopic surveys combined for measuring the universe's large-scale structure. Read MoreExternal linkage

Bright-field TEM images taken at EMSL revealed the structural evolution of the Si-coated carbon fiber nanocomposite’s complex phase transformation during cyclic charging and discharging.08.08.12Article

Building a Better Battery

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory develops new capabilities to better understand batteries. Read More »

Playing cards constructed as a house of cards08.06.12Article

Could Cheaper Gasoline be "in the Cards"?

EFRC researchers develop ingenious house-of-card structures to improve catalyst performance. Read More »

2011 PECASE winners holding their awards standing with DOE leadership on a stage (Ceremony: 8/1/12).08.02.12Article

Applauding Excellence and Achievement

Department of Energy salutes its latest winners of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers. Read More »

Scientist working in the lab mentoring two interested young students. 08.01.12

Traditions of Honor and Endeavors of Excellence

Department of Energy salutes its latest winners of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers. Read More »

This observatory is part of an air particles research initiative at Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts, and includes dozens of sophisticated instruments that take continuous ground-based measurements of clouds, aerosols, and other atmospheric properties. 07.26.12Article

One ARM, Two Columns and a Whole Lot of Aerosols

Energy Department announces research effort on air particles. Read More »

A photograph and a rendering mix, showing a veiw of the exterior building from the road leading up to the LSST site at night.07.23.12Article

Faster, Wider, Deeper: Pick Three

The Large Synoptic Telescope will offer unprecedented window on the sky. Read More »

science.gov mobile07.13.12Article

A Handy App for a Handy Site

Science.gov delivers deep database searches on the go. Read More »

Medical Isotope Work07.11.12Article

A Production Breakthrough . . . and a Priceless Benefit

Office of Science supported research accelerates creation of critical cancer treatment. Read More »

Quantum effects in photosynthesis07.09.12Article

Scientists Uncover a Photosynthetic Puzzle

Quantum effects are discovered at earliest stage of photosynthesis. Read More »