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Atomic Snapshots of Photosynthesis02.11.19Science Highlight

Atomic Snapshots of Photosynthesis

Scientists catch details with atomic resolution, potentially helping design systems to use sunlight and water to produce fuels. Read More »

10.17.18Science Highlight

How to Make Soot and Stardust

Scientists unlock mystery that could help reduce emissions of fine particles from combustion engines and other sources. Read More »

Sugar-Coated Sheets Selectively Target Pathogens07.18.18Science Highlight

Sugar-Coated Sheets Selectively Target Pathogens

Researchers design self-assembling nanosheets that mimic the surface of cells. Read More »

Solving a Magnesium Mystery in Rechargeable Battery Performance05.30.18

Solving a Magnesium Mystery in Rechargeable Battery Performance

Study reveals surprising, bad chemical reactivity in battery components previously considered compatible. Read More »

Powering Up With a Smart Window05.23.18Science Highlight

Powering Up With a Smart Window

Window material repeatedly switches from being see-through to blocking the heat and converting sunlight into electricity. Read More »

Scientists Have Overestimated Meteor Sizes03.26.18Science Highlight

Scientists Have Overestimated Meteor Sizes

First demonstration of high-pressure metastability mapping with ultrafast X-ray diffraction shows objects aren’t as large as previously thought. Read More »

Small Poke—Huge Unexpected Response 03.20.18Science Highlight

Small Poke—Huge Unexpected Response

Exotic material exhibits an optical response in enormous disproportion to the stimulus—larger than in any known crystal. Read More »

Researchers Decipher the Structure of a Bacterial Microcompartment 02.28.18Science Highlight

Researchers Decipher the Structure of a Bacterial Microcompartment

Understanding assembly principles may inspire new approaches for making valuable products. Read More »

10.25.17Science Highlight

Spin-Polarized Surface States in Superconductors

Novel spin-polarized surface states may guide the search for materials that host Majorana fermions, unusual particles that act as their own antimatter, and could revolutionize quantum computers. Read More »

06.07.17Science Highlight

Electrifying Magnetism

Researchers create materials with controllable electrical and magnetic properties, even at room temperature. Read More »

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