Department of Energy Announces Call for Nominations for the 2008 Enrico Fermi Award

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Energy today announced a call for nominations for the 2008 Enrico Fermi Award. This Presidential Award is the oldest science and technology award given by the U.S. government, and one of the most prestigious. The Enrico Fermi Award is given to encourage excellence in energy science and technology and to show appreciation to scientists, engineers and science policymakers.

“The Department of Energy has a rich scientific tradition and the Enrico Fermi Award is a significant part of this history,” Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman said. “This award honors those who dedicate their lives to innovation and discovery and I look forward to nominations of the highest caliber.”

The Enrico Fermi Award is bestowed by the President of the United States to an individual or individuals of international stature in recognition of a lifetime of exceptional scientific, technical, engineering and/or management achievements related to the development, use, control or production of energy. Nominations may be filed electronicallyExternal link. The deadline for nominations is April 1, 2008.

“Enrico Fermi was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century,” said Under Secretary for Science Dr. Raymond L. Orbach. “His legacy profoundly enriched our intellectual and material lives, and continues to this day. It is a great honor to call for nominations for the 2008 Fermi Award in his name.”

A Fermi Award winner receives a citation signed by the President of the United States and the United States Secretary of Energy. The award winners also receive a gold medal bearing the likeness of Enrico Fermi and a $375,000 honorarium. In the event the Award is given to more than one individual in the same year, the recipients share the honorarium.

Some of the earliest Fermi Award winners include Ernest O. Lawrence, Glenn Seaborg and Edward Teller. More recent Fermi award winners include John Bahcall, Seymour Sack and Arthur Rosenfeld. Read the complete list of Fermi Laureates.

The Department of Energy is the Nation’s leading supporter of the physical sciences, investing in research at DOE’s 17 world-class national laboratories, more than 300 universities, and numerous international research institutions. The Fermi Award is administered by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. For more information about the Enrico Fermi Award, visit the Office of Science Fermi website.

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