DOE Announces Technology Transfer Policy to Move Cutting-Edge Technology Research to the Marketplace

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman issued a Policy Statement late last week strengthening the Department of Energy’s (DOE) efforts to transfer state-of-the-art technologies from DOE national laboratories and facilities to the marketplace. The Policy lays out guiding principles, responsibilities and a review process to help ensure that new technologies are deployed, and continuity and uniformity of technology transfer activities are maintained throughout the DOE complex.

"Implementation of this Policy will strengthen the Department's efforts to transfer scientific research and innovation from our world-class national laboratories to the marketplace," Secretary Bodman said. "By empowering researchers and entrepreneurs, we are furthering President Bush’s initiatives aimed at developing and deploying cutting edge technologies to address the challenges that face our nation."

This Policy builds on Secretary Bodman’s memorandum last June that appointed the Under Secretary for Science, Dr. Raymond Orbach, as DOE’s Technology Transfer Coordinator and chair of the Technology Transfer Policy Board comprised of representatives of organizations across the Department. Since that time, the Coordinator and Policy Board have initiated a number of activities, including a review of technology transfer mechanisms that are executed across the DOE complex in an effort to streamline and simplify transactions so that agreements can be executed more expeditiously.

As part of DOE’s efforts to meet its responsibilities under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the Coordinator established the Technology Transfer Working Group, which includes representatives from DOE national laboratories, other DOE facilities authorized to conduct technology transfer activities, and federal field offices that oversee those activities. As charged by Secretary Bodman and the Energy Policy Act, the Technology Transfer Coordinator and Policy Board also plan to release and submit to Congress a technology transfer execution plan this spring.

The Policy Statement signed by Secretary Bodman promotes consistency and efforts to streamline the approaches used by DOE in working with the private sector. It also emphasizes the need for timely conclusion of negotiations to encourage universities, nonprofit institutions, and the private sector to partner with the Department’s facilities. The Technology Transfer Coordinator, Board and Working Group will be working together to advance the goals and principles of the Secretarial Policy Statement.

Technology transfer is the process by which knowledge, intellectual property or capabilities are transferred to any other entity, including private industry, academia, state and local governments, or other government entities to meet public and private needs. The Department’s technology transfer activities will be undertaken with a special emphasis on enhancing the nation’s energy security, scientific discovery, economic competitiveness, and quality of life through innovations in science and technology.

Read the Technology Transfer Policy Statement and more on DOE's Technology Transfer program website.

Policy Statement on Technology Transfer

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