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05.10.13Press Release

Nomination Deadlines for the Fermi and Lawrence Awards Extended Until July 8, 2013

The Office of Science is accepting nominations for the 2013 Enrico Fermi and E. O. Lawrence Awards through July 8, 2013. Read More »

05.09.13From the Labs

Mathematics of Popping Bubbles in a FoamExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers solved the complex and widely-applicable equations in a matter of days instead of almost a year thanks to the supercomputers at DOE’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.08.13From the Labs

Berkeley Lab’s Aydın Buluç Wins 2013 DOE Early Career AwardExternal link

Aydın Buluç of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (Berkeley Lab’s) Computational Research Division (CRD) has been honored with a 2013 Department of Energy’s (DOE) Early Career Award for his work on energy-efficient parallel graph and data mining algorithms. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.07.13Press Release

DOE’s Office of Science Announces 61 Scientists to Receive Early Career Research Program Funding

Program provides support to exceptional researchers. Read More »

05.03.13From the Labs

New Dark Matter Detector Begins Search for Invisible ParticlesExternal link

Scientists this week heard their first pops in an experiment that searches for signs of dark matter in the form of tiny bubbles. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.02.13From the Labs

Brookhaven Lab's Gianluigi De Geronimo Named a Battelle 'Inventor of the Year'External link

Honored for designing microelectronics used in science experiments, tools for national security and medical imaging. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.01.13From the Labs

Does Antimatter Fall Up or Down?External link

Berkeley Lab physicists and their colleagues in CERN’s ALPHA experiment present the first direct evidence of how atoms of antimatter interact with gravity. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.30.13From the Labs

Fermilab Welcomes New Additions to its ‘Particle Zoo’External link

See photos of the three baby bison that have joined the herd at the Office of Science lab. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.25.13From the Labs

Bold Move Forward in Molecular AnalysesExternal link

Berkeley Lab Researchers Develop New Metrics for X-ray and Neutron Analysis of Flexible Macromolecules. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.24.13From the Labs

Recipe for Low-Cost, Biomass-Derived Catalyst for Hydrogen ProductionExternal link

Promising results are a step toward a range of renewable energy strategies fueled by Nature. Read MoreExternal linkage

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