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09.04.14From the Labs

Electron Microscopes Take First Measurements of Nanoscale Chemistry in ActionExternal link

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory along with colleagues at the University of Manchester, captured the world’s first real-time images and simultaneous chemical analysis of nanostructures while “underwater,” or in solution. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.04.14University Research

Titania-Based Material Holds Promise as New Insulator for SuperconductorsExternal link

Research from North Carolina State University shows that a type of modified titania, or titanium dioxide, holds promise as an electrical insulator for superconducting magnets, allowing heat to dissipate while preserving the electrical paths along which current flows. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.03.14University Research

Airlock-like Transport Protein Structure DiscoveredExternal link

New work from a team led by the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Liang Feng and including Carnegie’s Wolf Frommer has for the first time elucidated the atomic structures of the prototype of the sugar transporters (termed “SWEET” transporters) in plants and humans. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.03.14University Research

New Synthesis Method May Shape Future of Nanostructures, Clean EnergyExternal link

A team of University of Maryland physicists has published new nanoscience advances that they and other scientists say make possible new nanostructures and nanotechnologies with huge potential applications ranging from clean energy and quantum computing advances to new sensor development. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.03.14University Research

New Nano-sized Synthetic Scaffolding Technique UnveiledExternal link

Scientists at University of Oregon and Berkeley Lab have tapped oil and water to create scaffolds of self-assembling, synthetic proteins called peptoid nanosheets that mimic complex biological mechanisms and processes. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.02.14From the Labs

Materials Scientists Play Atomic ‘Jenga’ and Make a Surprising DiscoveryExternal link

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory discover missing atoms cause metals to align and polarize materials. Read MoreExternal linkage

09.02.14University Research

Simpler Process to Grow Germanium Nanowires Could Improve Lithium-ion BatteriesExternal link

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have developed what they call “a simple, one-step method” to grow nanowires of germanium from an aqueous solution. Read MoreExternal linkage

08.29.14From the Labs

DOE 'Knowledgebase' Links Biologists, Computer Scientists to Solve Energy, Environmental IssuesExternal link

With new tool, biologists don't have to be programmers to answer big computational questions. Read MoreExternal linkage

08.29.14From the Labs

Scientists Learn to Control Reactions with the Shape of a Rare-earth CatalystExternal link

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have discovered they can control chemical reactions in a new way by creating different shapes of cerium oxide, a rare-earth-based catalyst. Read MoreExternal linkage

08.28.14From the Labs

Rubber Meets the Road With New ORNL Carbon, Battery TechnologiesExternal link

Recycled tires could see new life in lithium-ion batteries that provide power to plug-in electric vehicles and store energy produced by wind and solar, say researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Read MoreExternal linkage

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