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04.23.18From the Labs

Study Recommends Strong Role for National Labs in ‘Second Laser Revolution’External link

A new study calls for the U.S. to step up its laser R&D efforts to better compete with major overseas efforts to build large, high-power laser systems, and notes progress and milestones at the Department of Energy’s Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center and other sites. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.20.18From the Labs

Muons Spin Tales of Undiscovered ParticlesExternal link

Scientists from Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, along with over 25 other institutions,are collaborating to test a magnetic property of the muon. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.20.18User Facility

Bundling Big Science Tools to Shed Light on Flexible ProteinsExternal link

Nearly a dozen scientists across Oak Ridge National Laboratory are teaming with medical researchers and leveraging ORNL’s biggest science tools to solve a modern-day biology grand challenge: unlocking the secrets of disordered proteins. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.20.18From the Labs

Battery's Hidden Layer RevealedExternal link

A team at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory reports a breakthrough in understanding the chemistry of the microscopically thin layer that forms at the interface between the liquid electrolyte and solid electrode. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.19.18User Facility

Spinach Used in Neutron Studies Could Unearth Secret to Stronger Plant GrowthExternal link

Researchers from Uppsala University are using neutrons at the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to determine how plants and other organisms use RuBisCO to catalyze a reaction called carbon fixation that converts carbon dioxide into useful organic compounds. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.19.18From the Labs

In Pursuit of Perfect Chemistry: A Vision for Unifying CatalysisExternal link

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley are systematically and comprehensively detailing hybrid catalysts concepts in a plan to coordinate efforts to pursue new forms of hybrid catalysis research. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.19.18User Facility

Argonne's Next Top ModelExternal link

Designing and manufacturing a new part or product, such as a car engine or wind turbine, can be time-consuming and costly. To combat limitations on these processes, scientists and engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory are using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to help organizations reduce design time from months to days and slash development costs. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.18.18From the Labs

Science Bowl Proves to be a Catalyst for STEM CareersExternal link

Each year, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) hosts the National Science Bowl®—one of the largest science competitions in the nation. Since 1991, more than 290,000 students have participated in the competition, motivating them to excel in science and mathematics. Some of these students came back to the Lab as science bowl volunteers and shared their enthusiasm about the STEM career paths they had chosen. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.18.18User Facility

Through Thick and ThinExternal link

Researchers solve a decades-old question: Is particle ordering responsible for the thickening of some industrial products when stirred rapidly? The answer brings us one step closer to solving complex industrial production problems. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.17.18User Facility

New Capabilities at NSLS-II Set to Advance Materials ScienceExternal link

The Hard X-ray Nanoprobe at Brookhaven Lab's National Synchrotron Light Source II now offers a combination of world-leading spatial resolution and multimodal imaging. Read MoreExternal linkage

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