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07.19.16User Facility

Scientists Determine Structure of Enzyme Linked with Key Cell-Signaling ProteinExternal link

Findings aid understanding of how modifications to cell-signaling protein affect its action in turning genes on and off; could also point to new targets for drugs to fight cancer. Read MoreExternal linkage

07.19.16From the Labs

New ORNL Tool Probes for Genes Linked to Toxic MethylmercuryExternal link

Environmental scientists can more efficiently detect genes required to convert mercury in the environment into more toxic methylmercury with molecular probes developed by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Read MoreExternal linkage


Energy Department Awards $40 Million for Research to Support Waste Cleanup at DOE Nuclear SitesExternal link

U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced up to $40 million in awards for four new Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs) to accelerate the scientific breakthroughs needed to support the Department of Energy (DOE)’s environmental management and nuclear cleanup mission. Read MoreExternal linkage

07.13.16From the Labs

PPPL Launches Expanded New Laboratory for Research on the Use of Plasma to Synthesize NanoparticlesExternal link

The collaborative facility, called the “Laboratory for Plasma Nanosynthesis,” is nearly three times the size of the original nanolab(link is external), which remains in operation, and launches a new era in PPPL research on plasma nanosynthesis Read MoreExternal linkage

07.13.16User Facility

Directed MatterExternal link

Additive manufacturing techniques featuring atomic precision could one day create materials with Legos flexibility and Terminator toughness, according to researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Read MoreExternal linkage

07.12.16User Facility

Scientists Optimize Defects for Better Superconducting EffectsExternal link

In a new study, researchers at Argonne have developed a rational approach to optimizing the arrangement of defects in commercial high-temperature superconducting wires to enhance their current-carrying capacity. Read MoreExternal linkage

07.07.16User Facility

New Discovery Could Better Predict How Semiconductors Weather AbuseExternal link

Berkeley Lab scientists at DOE’s Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis are working to improve systems that efficiently convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into fuel. Read MoreExternal linkage

07.07.16User Facility

Physics Researchers Question Calcium-52’s MagicExternal link

A multi-institution team led by Gaute Hagen at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory computed the size of the atomic nucleus calcium-48—a magic isotope—and found it had a significantly thinner neutron skin than was previously thought. Read MoreExternal linkage

07.05.16User Facility

Discovery Could Dramatically Boost Efficiency of Perovskite Solar CellsExternal link

Scientists from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have discovered a possible secret to dramatically boosting the efficiency of perovskite solar cells hidden in the nanoscale peaks and valleys of the crystalline material. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.29.16User Facility

Climate Study Finds Human Fingerprint in Northern Hemisphere GreeningExternal link

A multinational team led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory Climate Change Science Institute has found the first positive correlation between human activity and enhanced vegetation growth. Read MoreExternal linkage

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