Profiles of User Facilities Directors

This series profiles the directors of the Department of Energy Office of Science User Facilities.

These scientists lead a variety of research institutions that provide researchers with the most advanced tools of modern science including accelerators, colliders, supercomputers, light sources and neutron sources, as well as facilities for studying the nano world, the environment, and the atmosphere.

Here are those stories:


George Vardaxis was a National Science Bowl competitor and volunteer. CEBAF – Meet the Director: Andrew Hutton

2002 National Science Bowl championship high school team pictured on the left and Steven Sivek profile picture on the right. OLCF – Meet the Director: Buddy Bland

Kay Aull, 2003 National Science Bowl® Champion.  NSLS-II – Meet the Director: John Hill

Julia Hu (third from left) with her teammates after winning the 2001 DOE National Science Bowl®. SSRL – Meet the Director: Kelly Gaffney

Jeff Zira and his teammates celebrate winning the regional competition his junior year at North Hollywood High School. CNMS – Meet the Director: Hans Christen

In Fiscal Year 2016, the 27 user facilities welcomed 33,754 researchers - from academia, industry, and government research enterprises in all 50 states and the District of Columbia - to perform new scientific research. For details on the individual Office of Science User Facilities, please go to

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