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Office of Nuclear Physics, Office of Nuclear Physics, SC-26
SC-26/Germantown Building U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy 19901 Germantown Road
1000 Independence Avenue, SW Germantown, MD 20874-1290
Washington, D.C. 20585-1290

SC-26: Phone Number: (301) 903-3613
Fax Number: (301) 903-3833
SC-26.1: Phone Number: (301) 903-3614

Phone Number: (301) 903-1455

SC-26: Office of Nuclear Physics
Associate Director of Science for Nuclear Physics Timothy J. Hallman/Bio  Timothy.Hallman@science.doe.gov
Administrative Specialist Christine Izzo (Acting) Christine.Izzo@science.doe.gov
Technical Advisor Gulshan Rai (Acting) Gulshan.Rai@science.doe.gov
Financial Advisor (Vacant)   
Financial Management Specialist Brian Knesel Brian.Knesel@science.doe.gov
Program Analyst Brenda May Brenda.May@science.doe.gov
Program Assistant (OA) (Vacant)
SC-26.1: Physics Research Division
Division Director (Vacant)
Acting Division Director Timothy J. Hallman Timothy.Hallman@science.doe.gov
Program Support Specialist Christine Izzo Christine.Izzo@science.doe.gov
Medium Energy Nuclear Physics
Program Manager Gulshan Rai Gulshan.Rai@science.doe.gov
Heavy Ion Nuclear Physics
Program Manager (Detailee) Richard Witt  Richard.Witt@science.doe.gov 
Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics 
Program Manager (Vacant)
Nuclear Theory
Program Manager George Fai George.Fai@science.doe.gov
Nuclear Data and Nuclear Theory Computing
Program Manager (Vacant)  
Fundamental Symmetries
Program Manager (IPA) Paul Sorensen Paul.Sorensen@science.doe.gov
SC-26.2: Facilities & Project Management Division
Division Director Jehanne Gillo Jehanne.Gillo@science.doe.gov
Program Analyst Cassie Dukes Cassie.Dukes@science.doe.gov
Program Analyst for Isotopes Luisa Romero Luisa.Romero@science.doe.gov
NP International Activities (detailee) Latifa Elouadrhiri Latifa.Elouadrhiri@science.doe.gov 
Nuclear Physics Facilities
Program Manager James Sowinski James.Sowinski@science.doe.gov
Nuclear Physics Instrumentation
Program Manager Elizabeth Bartosz Elizabeth.Bartosz@science.doe.gov
Nuclear Physics Major Initiative
Program Manager James Hawkins James.Hawkins@science.doe.gov
Advanced Technology Research and Development
Program Manager, Deputy Manouchehr Farkhondeh Manouchehr.Farkhondeh@science.doe.gov
Industrial Concepts    
Program Manager Michelle Shinn Michelle.Shinn@science.doe.gov
Isotope Program Operations  
Program Manager, Deputy Marc Garland Marc.Garland@science.doe.gov
Isotope Facilities
Program Manager Vacant
Isotope Research and Development
Program Manager Ethan Balkin Ethan.Balkin@science.doe.gov
Stable Isotopes
Program Manager Joel Grimm Joel.Grimm@science.doe.gov
Other Isotope Facilities
Program Manager Joseph Glaser Joseph.Glaser@science.doe.gov
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