Applications of Nuclear Science and Technology

ANST 2011 Presentations

DOE-NP ANS&T Exchange Meeting
August 22-23, 2011
Monday, August 22, 2011
Presentation TitleSpeakerOrganization
Welcome and Introductory Remarks Hallman DOE, NP
ANS&T Program Manouchehr Farkhondeh.pdf file (6.9MB) DOE, NP
Neutron Cross Section Covariances for the ENDF/B-VII Library [Collaboration] Herman.pdf file (1.5MB)/Talou.pdf file (5.8MB) BNL/LANL
Use of Covariances in a Consistent Data Assimilation for Improvement of Basic Nuclear Parameters in Nuclear Reactor Applications: From Meters to Femtometers [Collaboration] Palmiotti/Herman.pdf file (1.5MB) INL/BNL
Nuclear Reaction Modeling for Actinides [Collaboration] Kawano.pdf file (784KB)/Younes.pdf file (3.3MB) LANL/LLNL
Keynote speaker - 1 Giuseppe Palmiotti.pdf file (1.3MB) INL
Transfer Reactions on Unstable Nuclei for Nuclear Science Applications Bardayan.pdf file (5.1MB) ORNL
Beta-Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich Fission Products for Advanced Fuel Cycle Applications Lister.pdf file (3.6MB) ANL
Decay studies of fission products with a new Modular Total Absorption Spectrometer (MTAS) Rycaczewski.pdf file (2.6MB) ORNL
Cross Section Measurement and Evaluation for Nuclear Applications Firestone.pdf file (1.9MB) LBNL
Measurement and Evaluation of Actinide Neutron Cross Sections Relevant to Advanced Fuel Cycles via Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy [Collaboration] Youinou.pptx file (2.1MB)/
Pardo.pdf file (1.0MB)
Improved Prompt and Delayed Decay Spectra for Advanced Fuels [Collaboration] Hayes-Sterbenz.pdf file (858KB)/Wu.pdf file (242KB) LANL/LLNL
Tuesday, August 23, 2010
Presentation TitleSpeakerOrganization
Development of an Atom-Trap Detector to Analyze Rare Isotopes of Noble Gas LuExternal link ANL
Construction, Optimization And First Experiments: Oak Ridge Isomer Spectrometer And Separator (ORISS) Carter.pdf file (1.5MB) ORAU
Development of a Suite of Engineered Multi-Spoke Superconducting Cavities for Nuclear Physics, Light Sources, and Driven Systems Applications [Collaboration] Delayen/Mammosser .pdf file (3.7MB) ODU/TJNAF
SRF Q0 Improvement Program Myneni.pdf file (1.3MB) TJNAF
Fiber Optic Based Thermometry System for Superconducting RF Cavities Kochergin.pdf file (1.3MB) MicroXact
Keynote speaker - 2 Lee Schroeder .pdf file (43.6MB) TechSource-Inc./LBNL
Fast 3D gamma-ray imaging technologies for radiation treatment, nuclear physics and nuclear security Mihailescu.pdf file (3.1MB) LBNL
Single Crystal Large Volume Position SensitiveHPGe Detectors Radford .pdf file (3.1MB) ORNL
Application of Two Phase (Liquid/Gas) Xenon Gamma-Camera to the Detection of Special Nuclear Material and PET Medical Imaging Destefano/McKinsey.pdf file (2.7MB) YALE
Development and applications of micropattern optical sensors to scintillation counters Varner.pdf file (2.2MB) ORNL
Field-Shaping Electrode Configurations for High-Resolution Semiconductor Radiation Detectors for Nuclear Sciences, Forensics, and Safeguards Vetter.pdf file (7.7MB) LBNL
New Approach for 2D Readout of GEM Detectors Redwine/Hasell.pdf file (8.7MB) MIT
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