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SBIR STTR Exchange Mtg 2012 Presentations

DOE-NP SBIR/STTR Exchange Meeting
October 1-2, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012 
Presentation Title


Welcome and Introductory Remarks Tim Hallman/Jehanne Gillo DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics

NP SBIR/STTR Program Overview Chemical Free Surface Processing for High Gradient

Manouchehr Farkhondeh.pdf file (5.0MB) DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
Superconducting RF Cavities Edward Cruz.pdf file (3.1MB) FM Technologies, Inc.
Phase and Frequency Locked Magnetrons for SRF Sources Rolland Johnson.pdf file (871KB) Muons, Inc.
RHIC Facility and the SBIR/STTR Program Ilan Ben‐Zvi.pdf file (2.6MB) Brookhaven National
An Energy‐Efficient RF Power Source for the Jefferson Laboratory CEBAF Linac Nikolai Barov.pdf file (2.0MB) FAR‐TECH, Inc.
Development of High‐Efficiency Power Amplifiers for 704 MHz Frederick Raab.pdf file (1.2MB) Green Mountain Radio
Research Company
Development of Superconducting Deflecting Cavities for the
Electron‐Ion Collider and Large Hadron Collider
Terry Grimm.pdf file (2.8MB) Niowave, Inc.
Device for In‐Situ Multiple Coatings of Long, Small Diameter Tubes Henry Joe Poole.pdf file (950KB) Poole Ventura, Inc
High‐Fidelity Modulator Simulations of Coherent Electron Cooling
John Cary.pdf file (4.1MB) Tech-X Corporation
Electronics for Fast Vertex Position Measurement Lloyd Bridges - unavailable to attend Blue Sky Electronics, LLC
TJNAF facility and the SBIR/STTR Program Fulvia Pilat.pdf file (5.8MB) Thomas Jefferson National
Accelerator Facility
Segmented Rectifying and Blocking Contacts on Germanium Planar
Ethan Hull.pdf file (2.0MB) PHDS Co.
Carbon Aerogels ‐ Hot Catchers for Exotic Isotopes and/or
Molecular Species
Uma Sampathkumaran.pdf file (1.4MB) InnoSense LLC

Tuesday, October 2, 2011
Presentation Title

Defect Free, Ultra‐Rapid Thinning/Polishing of Diamond Crystal
Radiator Targets for Highly Linearly Polarized Photon Beams
Arul Arjunan.pdf file (3.0MB) Sinmat Inc.
Electron‐Ion Collid Alejandro Castilla /Terry Grimm.pdf file (6.1MB) Niowave, Inc.
Growth of Large Diameter High‐Purity Germanium Crystals for
Nuclear Physics Research
Ethan Hull.pdf file (4.1MB) PHDs Co.
NP Isotope Program and Facilities and the SBIR Program Wolfgang Runde.pdf file (1.2MB) Los Alamos National
Manufacturing of Large and Highly Transparent Aerogel Tiles with
Refraction Index up to 1.1 for Cherenkov Detectors
Redouane Begag.pdf file (1.7MB) Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
Quasi‐3D Model of an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source Jin‐Soo Kim.pdf file (2.7MB) FAR‐TECH, Inc.
Miniature Electron‐Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Ion Source for
Industrial Applications and Research
Wayne Cornelius.pdf file (636KB) Scientific Solutions
STRAW ‐ A Hydrogen‐Specific Pressure Gauge for XHV Gregory Mulhollan.pdf file (17.5MB) Saxet Surface Science
NP Low Energy Facilities and the SBIR/STTR Program Birger Back.pdf file (4.0MB) Argonne National Laboratory
GPU Acceleration of Spin Tracking in Colliding Beam Accelerators John Cary.pdf file (1.9MB) Tech-X Corporation
SOI CMOS Process for Monolithic, Radiation‐Tolerant, Sciencegrade
George Williams.pdf file (2.8MB) Voxtel, Inc.
Micromegas Particle Detector Jae Ryu.pdf file (2.2MB) Agiltron, Inc.
Update on the Department of Energy SBIR/STTR Programs Manuel Oliver.pdf file (3.3MB) DOE/SBIR/STTR Programs
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