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SBIR STTR Exchange Mtg 2013 Presentations

DOE-NP SBIR/STTR Exchange Meeting
November 6‐7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 
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Speaker Organization


Welcome and Introductory Remarks Jehanne Gillo DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics

NP SBIR/STTR Program Overview

Manouchehr Farkhondeh.pdf file (1.8MB) DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
Numerical Tool Developments for Modeling Ion Sources
Jin‐Soo Kim.pdf file (5.5MB) FAR‐TECH, Inc.
STRAW ‐ A Hydrogen‐Specific Pressure Gauge for XHV Gregory Mulhollan.pdf file (14.1MB) Saxet Surface Science
 GPU Acceleration of Spin Tracking in Colliding Beam Accelerators  Dan Abell.pdf file (1.1MB)  Tech‐X Corporation
RHIC Facility and the SBIR/STTR Program Ilan Ben‐Zvi.pdf file (4.6MB) Brookhaven National
SOI CMOS Process for Monolithic, Radiation‐Tolerant, Science-grade Imagers George Williams.pdf file (2.2MB) Voxtel, Inc.
Growth of Large Diameter High‐Purity Germanium Crystals for
Nuclear Physics Research
Ethan Hull.pdf file (3.5MB) PHDs Co.
TJNAF Facility and the SBIR/STTR Program Roy Whitney.pdf file (6.4MB) Thomas Jefferson National
Accelerator Facility
Micromegas Particle Detector Jae Ryu.pdf file (4.3MB) Agiltron, Inc.
Development of High Density Low Cost Readout Modules for Large Scale Radiation Detectors Hui Tan.pdf file (1.9MB) XIA, LLC
Device for In‐Situ Multiple Coatings of Long, Small Diameter Tubes Henry Joe Poole Jr..pdf file (775KB) Poole Ventura, Inc.

Thursday, November 7, 2013
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Speaker Organization
High‐Performance ADC for Particle Accelerator Instrumentation
Douglas Goodman.pdf file (2.1MB) Ridgetop Group, Inc.
An Energy‐Efficient RF Power Source for the Jefferson Laboratory
Jin‐Soo Kim.pdf file (17.8MB) FAR‐TECH, Inc.
High‐Performance Plasma Panel Based Micropattern Detector Peter S. Friedman.pdf file (1.9MB) Integrated Sensors, LLC
  1. Thin‐Window P‐Type Point‐Contact Germanium Detectors for
    Rare Particle Detection
  2. Segmented Rectifying and Blocking Contacts on Germanium
    Planar Detectors
Ethan Hull.pdf file (3.1MB) PHDs Co.
NP Isotope Program and Facilities and the SBIR/STTR Program Dennis Phillips.pdf file (1.9MB) DOE, Office of Nuclear Physics
High Specific Activity Sm‐153 by Post Irradiation Isotope
John D'Auria.pdf file (3.1MB) IsoTherapeutics Group LLC
NP Low Energy Facilities and the SBIR/STTR Program Paul Fallon.pdf file (10.7MB) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Chemical Free Surface Processing for High Gradient Superconducting RF Cavities Linton Floyd.pdf file (3.9MB) FM Technologies, Inc.
Update on the Department of Energy SBIR/STTR Program Manny Oliver.pdf file (1.3MB) DOE, SBIR/STTR Office 
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