Additional Information

Contact NSAC:
Phone: 301-903-3613

Dr. Timothy J. Hallman

Committee Manager:
Mrs. Brenda May

Committee Chair:
Professor David Hertzog

Associate Director - NP:
Dr. Timothy J. Hallman

NSAC is an advisory committee that provides official advice to the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Science Foundation (NSF)External link on the national program for basic nuclear science research. NSAC is chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). The lead responsibility for the direction of NSAC itself, selecting members, putting together meeting agendas and developing charges is shared by the two agencies.

Ongoing NSAC Activities

Next NSAC Meeting

No meetings scheduled at this time, please check back for future meetings.

Long Range Plans

      • 2015 NSAC Long Range Plan “Reaching for the Horizon”
        (October 20, 2015.pdf file (25.6MB))
      • 2014/2015 Long Range Plan: Framework for coordinated advancement of the Nation's nuclear science

      Long Range Plans Archive

      • 2007 Long Range Plan: The Frontiers of Nuclear Science (December 2007)
      • 2002 NSAC Long Range Plan: Opportunities in Nuclear Science, A Long-Range Plan for the Next Decade (April 2002)
      • 1996: Nuclear Science: A Long Range Plan (pdf. file:.pdf file (5.1MB))
      • 1989: Nuclei, Nucleons, Quarks -- Nuclear Science in the 1990's (pdf. file:.pdf file (8.7MB))
      • 1983: A Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science (pdf. file:.pdf file (1.5MB))
      • 1979: A Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science(pdf.file.pdf file (16.9MB))
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