Agenda January 28-29, 2013

North Bethesda Marriott Hotel/Bethesda
Brookside A&B
January 28-29, 2013


Monday, January 28

9:00     Welcome and Introductions  Donald Geesaman
9:15     News from NSF      Denise Caldwell.pdf file (469KB)
9:45     News from DOE Office of Nuclear Physics Overview     Timothy J. Hallman.pdf file (4.7MB)
10:15     Conference Management          Karen Talamini
10:30   Break
11:00    Presentation of the Charge on Scientific Facilities      Timothy J. Hallman.pdf file (312KB)
11:45    Presentation on the Report of the Implementation of the Long Range Plan    Robert Tribble.pdf file (2.4MB) 
1:00         Lunch
2:00        NSAC discussion of the Subcommittee report
3:30        Break
4:00    Report on the ONP Committee of Visitors      Donald Geesaman.pdf file (794KB)
4:30        Adjourn

Tuesday, January 29

9:00     Continued Discussion of Subcommittee report and Letter of Transmittal
11:00     Public Comment
12:30      Adjourn
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