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01.31.17Science Highlight

Battery-free technology for instant electronic inventory of sensitive items at a distance

Dirac Solutions’ battery-free sensors offer a one-of-a-kind capability in inventory automation and advanced remote monitoring Read More »

01.10.17SBIR STTR Highlight

New Composite Anode Material for High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries

SiNode’s core technology allows a battery to store more lithium, thereby charging faster and lasting up to 40% longer than conventional batteries Read More »

Innovative Hydropower Turbines for Low-Cost, Ecosystem-Safe Generation of Electricity 01.10.17SBIR STTR Highlight

Innovative Hydropower Turbines for Low-Cost, Ecosystem-Safe Generation of Electricity

Natel Energy turbine technology makes it possible to tap into the undeveloped hydropower potential at drops between 5 and 20 feet, which is estimated at 70 GW Read More »

First Commercial, Quantum Cascade Laser for Full Fingerprinting of Atmospheric Pollutants01.10.17SBIR STTR Highlight

First Commercial, Quantum Cascade Laser for Full Fingerprinting of Atmospheric Pollutants

Daylight Solutions has turned a scientific phenomenon discovered in the 1990s into a commercial product that benefits society by detecting contaminant molecules in the air. Read More »

All-solid battery composed of lithium tin phosphorous sulfide solid electrolyte.11.25.15SBIR STTR Highlight

A Safer Replacement for Highly Flammable Liquids Currently Used in Li-ion Batteries

NEI replaced liquid with solid material that allows for a no-liquid battery. Read More »

Membrane fuel gas conditioning unit used to treat natural gas in the Eagle Ford Shale area, TX.11.25.15SBIR STTR Highlight

Natural Gas Treatment and Fuel Gas Conditioning: Membrane Technology Applied to New Gas Finds

Poor quality natural gas/shale gas streams brought into spec for pipeline or fuel gas use, simply and economically, thanks to Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. Read More »

Diode laser sensors on a weather tower in Vermont.04.01.14SBIR/STTR Highlight

A Diode Laser Sensor for High Precision CO2 and H2O Flux Measurements

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) develops a next generation, near-infrared tunable diode laser-based sensor for boundary layer flux measurements of greenhouse gas trace species. Read More »

Niowave technical staff assembling a superconducting linac section for radioisotope production.04.01.14SBIR/STTR Highlight

Niowave Develops Production Route for Medical Radioisotopes with a Superconducting Electron Accelerator

Domestic radioisotope production enabled by advances in superconducting electron linacs funded by the DOE SBIR program. Read More »

Top view of magnesium base plate (12” in diameter) showing progression from NANOMYTE® PT-60 treatment through painting steps.04.01.14SBIR/STTR Highlight

A Nanotechnology-Based, Self-Healing, Chromate-Free Conversion Coating For Magnesium Alloys

NEI’s NANOMYTE® PT-60, a breakthrough coating for magnesium alloys provides exceptional corrosion resistance while also improving adhesion with an overlying paint. Read More »

The Tempe™ sensor head is designed for thin film coating process control when high evaporation or chamber temperatures are required.04.01.14SBIR/STTR Highlight

Breakthrough Monitoring Technology Reduces Time and Expense in Solar Cell Manufacturing Process

Thin-film deposition process control sensor provides ability to continuously monitor and control the CIGS solar cell manufacturing process at temperatures as high as 500° Celsius. Read More »

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