SBIR/STTR Highlights

If you have successfully commercialized a technology that resulted from a DOE SBIR or STTR Phase II award and want to share this highlight, please refer to this template.docx file (34KB) for guidance on how to submit a DOE SBIR/STTR Highlight.

01.10.17SBIR STTR Highlight

New Composite Anode Material for High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries

SiNode’s core technology allows a battery to store more lithium, thereby charging faster and lasting up to 40% longer than conventional batteries Read More »

Innovative Hydropower Turbines for Low-Cost, Ecosystem-Safe Generation of Electricity 01.10.17SBIR STTR Highlight

Innovative Hydropower Turbines for Low-Cost, Ecosystem-Safe Generation of Electricity

Natel Energy turbine technology makes it possible to tap into the undeveloped hydropower potential at drops between 5 and 20 feet, which is estimated at 70 GW Read More »

Top view of magnesium base plate (12” in diameter) showing progression from NANOMYTE® PT-60 treatment through painting steps.04.01.14SBIR/STTR Highlight

A Nanotechnology-Based, Self-Healing, Chromate-Free Conversion Coating For Magnesium Alloys

NEI’s NANOMYTE® PT-60, a breakthrough coating for magnesium alloys provides exceptional corrosion resistance while also improving adhesion with an overlying paint. Read More »

The Tempe™ sensor head is designed for thin film coating process control when high evaporation or chamber temperatures are required.04.01.14SBIR/STTR Highlight

Breakthrough Monitoring Technology Reduces Time and Expense in Solar Cell Manufacturing Process

Thin-film deposition process control sensor provides ability to continuously monitor and control the CIGS solar cell manufacturing process at temperatures as high as 500° Celsius. Read More »

The QwikSEER+ WattSaver™ Control Board.01.01.13SBIR/STTR Highlight

Mainstream Engineering Develops a Low-Cost Energy-Saving Device for A/C Systems

Mainstream is achieving its goal to commercialize practical and cost-effective A/C solutions that increase energy efficiency. Read More »

ORPC's TidGen™ turbine generator unit.01.01.13SBIR/STTR Highlight

First Commercial, Grid-Connected, Hydrokinetic Tidal Energy Project in North America

Ocean Renewable Power Company’s (ORPC) TidGen™ device has a rated capacity of 150 kilowatts and generates enough electricity annually to power 25 to 30 homes. Read More »

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