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10.17.18Science Highlight

Shining Light on the Separation of Rare Earth Metals

New studies identify key molecular characteristics to potentially separate rare earth metals cleanly and efficiently with light. Read More »

10.17.18Science Highlight

How to Make Soot and Stardust

Scientists unlock mystery that could help reduce emissions of fine particles from combustion engines and other sources. Read More »

10.16.18Science Highlight

Placing Atoms for Optimum Catalysts

Precise positioning of oxygens could help engineer faster, more efficient energy-relevant chemical transformations. Read More »

Breaking the Symmetry Between Fundamental Forces09.15.18Science Highlight

Breaking the Symmetry Between Fundamental Forces

Scientists improve our understanding of the relationship between fundamental forces by re-creating the earliest moments of the universe. Read More »

Heavy Particles Get Caught Up in the Flow09.06.18Science Highlight

Heavy Particles Get Caught Up in the Flow

First direct measurement show how heavy particles containing a charm quark get caught up in the flow of early universe particle soup. Read More »

Seeing Between the Atoms09.06.18Science Highlight

Seeing Between the Atoms

New detector enables electron microscope imaging at record-breaking resolution. Read More »

Getting an Up-Close, 3-D View of Gold Nanostars09.06.18Science Highlight

Getting an Up-Close, 3-D View of Gold Nanostars

Scientists can now measure 3-D structures of tiny particles with properties that hold promise for advanced sensors and diagnostics. Read More »

Scaling Up Single-Crystal Graphene09.05.18Science Highlight

Scaling Up Single-Crystal Graphene

New method can make films of atomically thin carbon that are over a foot long. Read More »

Tuning Terahertz Beams with Nanoparticles09.05.18Science Highlight

Tuning Terahertz Beams with Nanoparticles

Scientists uncover a way to control terahertz radiation using tiny engineered particles in a magnetic field, potentially opening the doors for better medical and environmental sensors. Read More »

Small, Short-Lived Drops of Early Universe Matter09.04.18Science Highlight

Small, Short-Lived Drops of Early Universe Matter

Particle flow patterns suggest even small-scale collisions create drops of early universe quark-gluon plasma. Read More »

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