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06.27.17University Research

Atomic Imperfections Move Quantum Communication Network Closer to RealityExternal link

An international team led by the University of Chicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering has discovered how to manipulate a weird quantum interface between light and matter in silicon carbide along wavelengths used in telecommunications. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.27.17University Research

Kent State Faculty and Students Play a Key Role in ‘Little Bang’ Being Observed for the First Time With Ultra-High PrecisionExternal link

Kent State University faculty and students in the Department of Physics, in the College of Arts and Sciences, recently played a key role in using a new silicon detector technology to examine nuclear collisions that recreate the Big Bang on a tiny scale at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.27.17University Research

Bacterial Organizational Complexities RevealedExternal link

For the first time, scientists at Michigan State University have visualized the fine details of bacterial microcompartment shells – the organisms’ submicroscopic nanoreactors, which are comprised completely of protein. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.27.17University Research

Research Accelerates Quest for Quicker, Longer-Lasting ElectronicsExternal link

Jing Shi, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Riverside, and colleagues at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Arizona State University report they have created a TI film just 25 atoms thick that adheres to an insulating magnetic film, creating a “heterostructure.” Read MoreExternal linkage

06.26.17University Research

UAlbany Part of First Team to Use High-Energy Beamline to Study Molecular VibrationsExternal link

Satyendra Kumar, UAlbany’s associate vice president for Research and a professor of Physics, was part of a team of researchers that studied a new way to track dynamic molecular features in soft materials, including the high-frequency molecular vibrations that transmit waves of heat, sound and other forms of energy. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.22.17University Research

Squeezing Oil Out of Plants and Into Your Gas Tank: It's Hard.External link

When the Benning lab at Michigan State University tried a technique for producing plant biofuels, an unexpected result led to an increase in our basic knowledge of plant biology. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.20.17University Research

Alloying Materials of Different Structures Offers New Tool for Controlling PropertiesExternal link

Oregon State scientists are involved in new research that could lead to greater materials control and in turn better semiconductors, advances in nanotechnology for pharmaceuticals and improved metallic glasses for industrial applications. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.20.17University Research

Differences in Sea Spray Particle Chemistry Linked to Formation Processes of Drops by Bubbles in Breaking WavesExternal link

A team of researchers led by the University of California San Diego has identified for the first time what drives the observed differences in the chemical make-up of sea spray particles ejected from the ocean by breaking waves. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.20.17University Research

Stanford Discovery Could Lead to Sustainable Source of the Fuel Additive EthanolExternal link

Stanford associate professor Thomas Jaramillo and SLAC scientist Christopher Hahn have demonstrated the feasibility of designing copper catalysts that convert carbon dioxide into ethanol without corn or other crops. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.19.17University Research

'Magic' Alloy Could Spur Next Generation of Solar CellsExternal link

In what could be a major step forward for a new generation of solar cells called "concentrator photovoltaics," University of Michigan researchers have developed a new semiconductor alloy that can capture the near-infrared light located on the leading edge of the visible light spectrum. Read MoreExternal linkage

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