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02.20.18University Research

How Detecting Light in the Water Affects How Much Food Cyanobacteria GetExternal link

Scientists at Michigan State University have linked how water-dwelling bacteria monitor light wavelengths in their surroundings with their capacity to do photosynthesis. The research has medical/biofuels implications. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.20.18University Research

Integrated Simulations Answer 20-year-old Question in Fusion ResearchExternal link

A team led by Anne White, the Cecil and Ida Green Associate Professor in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, and Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez, a graduate student in the department, has conducted studies that offer a new take on the complex physics of plasma heat transport and point toward more robust models of fusion plasma behavior. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.14.18University Research

Rapid Decompression Key to Making Low-Density Liquid WaterExternal link

New work from Carnegie high-pressure geophysicists Chuanlong Lin, Jesse Smith, Stanislav Sinogeikin, and Guoyin Shen found evidence of the long-theorized, difficult-to-see low-density liquid phase of water. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.14.18University Research

UCLA Scientists Develop Low-Cost Way to Build Gene SequencesExternal link

A new technique pioneered by UCLA researchers could enable scientists in any typical biochemistry laboratory to make their own gene sequences for only about $2 per gene. Researchers now generally buy gene sequences from commercial vendors for $50 to $100 per gene. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.13.18University Research

Gene Improves Plant Growth and Conversion to BiofuelsExternal link

A research team led by the University of Georgia has discovered that manipulation of the same gene in poplar trees and switchgrass produced plants that grow better and are more efficiently converted to biofuels. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.12.18University Research

Research Team Publish Work on Solar Cell Film Phase TransitionsExternal link

A Purdue University professor and a multi-institution team of researchers recently published a paper on solar cells in Nature Materials titled “Thermochromic halide perovskite solar cells,” which focuses on the team’s research of the structural-phase transition behaviors in mixed halide perovskite thin films. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.12.18University Research

Computational Astrophysics Team Uncloaks Magnetic Fields of Cosmic EventsExternal link

Computational astrophysicists at the University of Chicago describe a new method for acquiring information on experiments using laser beams to reproduce cosmic conditions. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.09.18University Research

Advances in Fabricating Nanocrystalline Diamonds to Study Materials Under Extreme ConditionsExternal link

University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers working with the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory manufactured nanocrystalline-diamond micro-anvils at a pressure nearly two times greater than that found at the center of the Earth. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.09.18University Research

Professor Creates New Materials for Gas SeparationsExternal link

In response to future energy challenges, chemical engineers at The University of Alabama are creating new materials to more efficiently separate gases related to energy processes. Read MoreExternal linkage

02.09.18University Research

Climate Change Game-Changer? USC Scientists Find More Efficient Way to Convert Methane into Useful ChemicalsExternal link

USC scientists have unlocked a new, more efficient pathway for converting methane — a potent gas contributing to climate change — directly into basic chemicals for manufacturing plastics, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Read MoreExternal linkage

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