University Research

04.30.15University Research

Acid TestExternal link

New Energy Frontier Research Center led by Georgia Tech tackles materials that tackle pollutants. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.30.15University Research

UW Apparatus Measures Single Electron’s Radiation to Try to Weigh a NeutrinoExternal link

University of Washington physicists are part of a team that made a step forward in their efforts to pin down the mass of a neutrino, an elusive subatomic particle that played a role in the formation of the universe. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.29.15University Research

Physics of Heavy Ion Induced Damage in Nanotwinned Metals Revealed by Researchers at Texas A&M UniversityExternal link

A group of researchers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University led by Dr. Xinghang Zhang has investigated defect dynamics in heavy ion (Krypton) irradiated nanotwinned Ag and revealed twin boundary-defect clusters interactions via in situ radiation. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.28.15University Research

1st Proton Collisions at the World’s Largest Science Experiment Expected to Start the First or Second Week of JuneExternal link

First collisions of protons at the world’s largest science experiment are expected to start the first or second week of June, according to a senior research scientist with CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.28.15University Research

Engineering the Smallest Crack in the WorldExternal link

A new procedure developed by nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego will enable researchers to fabricate smaller, faster, and more powerful nanoscale devices ─ and do so with molecular control and precision. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.27.15University Research

UGA Researchers Growing Trees Faster and Easier to Turn Into FuelExternal link

A team of researchers at the University of Georgia and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Science Center in Tennessee have surprising answers about the potential to manipulate the genetics in trees to work to our advantage. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.24.15University Research

Putting a New Spin on Computing MemoryExternal link

A team of researchers at Drexel University is searching for a deeper understanding of a new class of materials whose magnetism can essentially be controlled by the flick of a switch. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.23.15University Research

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Taps Carnegie Mellon Statistician To Lead Informatics and Statistics ScienceExternal link

Carnegie Mellon’s Chad Schafer is co-leader of a team developing new methods to gain scientific insights from the roughly 30 terabytes of data that the LSST will gather each night. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.23.15University Research

From Metal to Insulator and Back AgainExternal link

New work from Carnegie’s Russell Hemley and Ivan Naumov hones in on the physics underlying the recently discovered fact that some metals stop being metallic under pressure. Read MoreExternal linkage

04.22.15University Research

UAlbany-led Study Finds Vibration Theory of Odor Perception ImplausibleExternal link

An international team of scientists led by University at Albany Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Eric Block, have demonstrated that the vibrational theory of olfaction, one of the two major theories explaining how the sense of smell functions, is not plausible. Read MoreExternal linkage

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