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05.17.18University Research

Using a 'Magneto-Gravitational Trap,' IU Physicists Measure Neutrons with Unprecedented PrecisionExternal link

A study led in part by physicists at the Indiana University Center for the Exploration of Energy and Matter could provide new insight into the composition of the universe immediately after the Big Bang -- as well as improve calculations used to predict the life span of stars and describe the rules that govern the subatomic world. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.17.18University Research

Understanding the Proton's Weak SideExternal link

Research from the Qweak experiment provides a precision measurement of the proton’s weak charge and narrows the search for new physics. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.16.18University Research

MSU Scientists' Discovery in Yellowstone 'Extremely Relevant' to Origin of LifeExternal link

Montana State University scientists have found a new lineage of microbes living in Yellowstone National Park’s thermal features that sheds light on the origin of life, the evolution of archaeal life and the importance of iron in early life. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.15.18University Research

William Higgins Receives Department of Energy Graduate Student AwardExternal link

Higgins, a fifth-year graduate student in the lab of Eugenia Kharlampieva, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, will study at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, working with John Ankner, Ph.D., lead instrument scientist. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.15.18University Research

NYU Tandon Student Wins U.S. DOE Grant to Conduct Research at Lawrence Berkeley National LabExternal link

Adlai B Katzenberg will further his research with the help of the Advanced Light Source to gain insight into the relationship between chemical structure, physical structure, and transport properties in perfluorinated sulfonic acid (PFSA) ionomers. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.15.18University Research

In ‘Nature’: Drilling Down into the Secrets of the Weak ForceExternal link

William & Mary has a large number of authors on a “Nature” paper reporting accurate measurement of the weak force at the Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.14.18University Research

Primed for a Quantum Leap in ResearchExternal link

Scientists at the University of Chicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering are exploring a vast new field made possible by the ability to manipulate quantum systems. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.14.18University Research

Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells are Highly Durable, Fuel FlexibleExternal link

In the first long-term study of its kind, researchers from Colorado School of Mines have shown that the relatively new class of fuel cells exhibit both the long-term durability and fuel flexibility needed to become a viable commercial alternative to other existing fuel cell technologies. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.14.18University Research

Microbes Reveal How Humans Adjusted to a Changing AtmosphereExternal link

Ancient microbes that thrive in some of the world’s most extreme environments and modern-day humans have more in common than meets the eye—namely, they both respire and conserve energy using a similar molecular mechanism, one that has adapted to changing environmental conditions over billions of years. Read MoreExternal linkage

05.11.18University Research

When Lipids Meet Hormones: Plants' Answer to Complex StressesExternal link

MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory scientists are connecting how plants harvest their own chloroplasts - photosynthesis machines that make their food - to help defend against outside threats. Read MoreExternal linkage

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