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01.24.18University Research

Chemists Create Tinted Windows that also Generate ElectricityExternal link

A new discovery by Berkeley researchers may soon bring us windows that automatically tint on a sunny day to block the heat while also generating electricity. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.23.18University Research

New Exotic Phenomena Seen in Photonic CrystalsExternal link

A team of researchers at MIT and elsewhere has found novel topological phenomena in a different class of systems — open systems, where energy or material can enter or be emitted, as opposed to closed systems with no such exchange with the outside. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.23.18University Research

Nature Has More Than One Way to Make Methane say USU BiochemistsExternal link

Utah State University biochemists, who, with collaborators from the University of Washington and Montana State University, report a bacterial, iron-only nitrogenase pathway for methane formation. Further the iron-only variant of nitrogenase can transform carbon dioxide into methane in a single, enzymatic step. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.23.18University Research

Good PROSPECTs for Neutrino Physics: Yale Leads New Experiment for Weird Neutrino BehaviorExternal link

Yale researchers are studying the properties of neutrinos by looking at the data from the Daya Bay experiment, while constructing an experiment called PROSPECT to be installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.22.18University Research

Using Data Mining to Make Sense of Climate ChangeExternal link

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a new way of mining data from climate data sets that is more self-contained than traditional tools. The methodology brings out commonalities of data sets without as much expertise from the user, allowing scientists to trust the data and get more robust — and transparent — results. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.22.18University Research

Bio-Renewable Process Could Help “Green” PlasticExternal link

UW–Madison researchers have developed an economical way of producing a critical plastic precursor called FDCA (shown above) that could improve the economics of making plastic from biomass. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.22.18University Research

New Method Uses DNA, Gold Nanoparticles and Top-Down Lithography to Fabricate Optically Active StructuresExternal link

Northwestern University researchers have developed a first-of-its-kind technique for creating entirely new classes of optical materials and devices that could lead to light bending and cloaking devices. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.19.18University Research

Ocean Waters Prevent Release of Ancient MethaneExternal link

Rochester researchers conducted fieldwork just offshore of the North Slope of Alaska, near Prudhoe Bay, calling the spot “ground zero” for oceanic methane emissions resulting from ocean warming. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.17.18University Research

Mysteries of Nickel Oxide – a Promising Spintronic Material – Are RevealedExternal link

Researchers at UC Riverside used an unconventional approach to determine the strength of the electron spin interactions with the optical phonons in antiferromagnetic nickel oxide (NiO) crystals. Read MoreExternal linkage

01.17.18University Research

Unexpected Natural Source of Methane DiscoveredExternal link

Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine have discovered some nitrogen-fixing microorganisms contain an enzyme for the simultaneous production of ammonia and methane. Read MoreExternal linkage

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