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06.11.18University Research

TRAX Tracks Salt Lake's Air QualityExternal link

For nearly 20 years, TRAX light rail trains have shuttled riders up and down the Salt Lake Valley, saving countless car trips and sparing Salt Lake’s air tons upon tons of petroleum-powered pollutants. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.08.18University Research

Physicists Devise Method to Reveal How Light Affects MaterialsExternal link

Physicists at Emory University developed a way to determine the electronic properties of thin gold films after they interact with light. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.08.18University Research

Scientists See Inner Workings of Enzyme Telomerase, Which Plays Key Roles in Aging, CancerExternal link

Cancer, aging-related diseases and other illnesses are closely tied to an important enzyme called “telomerase.” UCLA researchers report in the journal Cell the deepest scientific understanding yet of this once-mysterious enzyme, whose catalytic core — where most of its activity occurs — can now be seen in near atomic resolution. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.08.18University Research

UW Physicists, CERN Announce Discovery of Higgs Boson InteractionsExternal link

The international particle accelerator collaboration CERN announced Monday, June 4, that two experiments at the Large Hadron Collider discovered a link between the two heaviest known particles: the top quark and the Higgs boson. University of Wisconsin–Madison physicists are members of the CMS and ATLAS experiments at CERN, which jointly discovered the Higgs boson in 2012. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.07.18University Research

New Process Turns Wood Scraps Into TapeExternal link

Engineers at the University of Delaware have developed a novel process to make tape out of a major component of trees and plants called lignin. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.07.18University Research

Amanda Morris’ Chemistry Lab Mimicking How Plants Energize in Bid to Create Clean, Sustainable EnergyExternal link

Morris, an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, part of the Virginia Tech College of Science, and her student researchers are trying to mimic the ways plants use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide to storable food. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.06.18University Research

Rutgers-led Research Could Lead to More Efficient ElectronicsExternal link

A Rutgers-led team of physicists has demonstrated a way to conduct electricity between transistors without energy loss, opening the door to low-power electronics and, potentially, quantum computing that would be far faster than today’s computers.
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06.06.18University Research

Hidden Magnetism Appears under Hidden SymmetryExternal link

Sometimes a good theory just needs the right materials to make it work. That’s the case with recent findings by UT’s physicists and their colleagues, who designed a two-dimensional magnetic system that points to the possibility of devices with increased security and efficiency, using only a small amount of energy. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.06.18University Research

NOvA Experiment Reports Strong Evidence of Antineutrino OscillationExternal link

Tricia Vahle, professor of physics at William & Mary and longtime NOvA participant, became a NOvA co-spokesperson on March 21. William & Mary has a sizeable presence on NOvA and even maintains a remote control facility in Small Hall to monitor the experiment based in Batavia, Illinois. Read MoreExternal linkage

06.05.18University Research

Physicists Use Terahertz Flashes to Uncover New State of Matter Hidden by SuperconductivityExternal link

Using the physics equivalent of the strobe photography that captures every twitch of a cheetah in full sprint, researchers at Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory have used ultrafast spectroscopy to visualize electrons interacting as a hidden state of matter in a superconductive alloy.
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