Middle School Regionals

SHPE-Fresno Regional Middle School Science Bowl

Coach Registration
Register your team hereExternal link.

Regional Event Information
Date: 02/09/2019
Maximum Number of Teams: 16
Maximum Number of Teams per School: 2
Registration Fee: $40
Hosted by: SHPE Fresno Professional Chapter

States and/or Counties Served
Fresno, CA
Kings, CA
Madera, CA
Merced, CA
Tulare, CA

Team Approval Process
A school can register up to two teams, Team 1 (first registered team) and Team 2 (second registered team). Teams will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis determined by the date/time stamp when their registrations were submitted, with first registered teams taking precedence over second registered teams, with the goal of as many different schools participating as possible.

  • Eligible first registered teams will be approved to participate as soon as possible after registration.
  • Beginning 5 weeks prior to the event and space permitting, second registered teams will be approved to participate.

Competition Location
California State University, Fresno
2220 E San Ramon Ave, M/S EE94
Fresno, California 93740

Regional Contact Information
Regional Coordinator: Vincent Rodriguez-Ruiz
Email: vruizrod26@gmail.com
Phone: 559-623-7873

Co-Coordinator: Ricardo Rangel
Email: RHR151@mail.fresnostate.edu
Phone: 559-457-9132

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