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Rules, Forms, and Resources

Rules for the National Science Bowl®

2019 Official National Science Bowl Rules.pdf file (156KB)

Rules Flow Chart.pdf file (72KB)

Sample Questions

High School Samples   |   Middle School Samples

Preparing Your Team For The National Science Bowl®

Here you will find tips and resources to help prepare your team for the regional and national competitions of the National Science Bowl®

Tips and Resources

Other Helpful Hints: [pdf.pdf file (44KB)] [.doc.docx file (32KB)]

Coaching Tips

For tips in preparing your team, review the following Coach Interview from a former National Science Bowl® Coach.

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National Science Bowl® Forms

Each regional competition may or may not require these forms. However, every regional winning team is required to complete these forms to attend the National event. The National forms will be available to you as part of your online coach's account. Please use your online account to complete all of the forms required to attend the national competition.

  • 2019 Student Medical Form [pdf.pdf file (183KB)]
  • 2019 Team Coach Medical Form [pdf.pdf file (259KB)]
  • 2019 Parental Media Release and Consent Form [pdf.pdf file (239KB)]
  • 2019 Parental Consent Form for Homeschool Teams Participating at a REGIONAL Event [pdf.pdf file (101KB)]
  • 2019 Parental Consent Form for Homeschool Teams Participating at the National Finals [pdf.pdf file (127KB)]
  • 2019 Team Coach Media Release and Consent Form [pdf.pdf file (170KB)]
  • 2019 Commitment Form – Only for Regional Winning Teams [pdf.pdf file (320KB)]  

** The forms above are in pdf format. To fill out the form, open the file, place your cursor on a line and type in the information. The tab key will jump to the next line. When you are done, print out the page, add the signature and date, and submit the form to the regional science bowl coordinator. If you close the file, your text will not be saved.

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